5 Simple Lines Moms Can Say To Stop A Child’s Nonstop Begging. #5 Works Like Magic


Do you find yourself spending a lot of time negotiating with your little child? Even if your child knows the rules, he or she will either try to get away with it or meet halfway. At some point, you guys negotiate.

There’s nothing wrong with that. According to author, Scott Brown, negotiating is actually good for the kids.

Scott Brown, author of How To Negotiate With Kids Even If You Think You Shouldn’t, shares his thoughts on pbs.org:

“The negotiation between parents and kids can actually be a great learning experience for your kids. If you don’t negotiate, your children may not learn how to deal with conflicts constructively. If you don’t teach them how to work with you, they may never learn how to work with others.

The challenge is when your little kid starts to throw a tantrum because the negotiation is breaking down. You want to stand your ground but your little kid’s not happy about it … a potential prelude to a tantrum.

What to do you do next? Give in? No! Stand your ground. Try saying these 5 simple lines. Go to the next page to see the 5 simple lines that can stop the begging and tantrum.

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