6 Clever Tips For Raising A Well-Behaved Child. My Kid Loves #1


Who doesn’t want to raise a well-behaved and responsible child? Well, most parents do and I suppose that includes you. Assuming that you are part of that 99.99% of the parenting population who wants to raise good, responsible citizens … then you might like to start talking and treating your child like an adult. Sounds silly? Not really.

You see, toddlers and young children are very impressionable, meaning that they are very open and receptive to what you say and your actions, most especially when they look up to and think of you as their role model.

Sharon K. Hall, PhD, author of Raising Kids in the 21st Century says that:

When you make your expectations clear from the time your children are toddlers, they internalize those expectations and begin to expect the same thing from themselves.

According to Robert Brooks, PhD, coauthor of Raising a Self-Disciplined Child:

If you focus on the essentials starting at around age 2, your child will catch on faster, resist less, and ultimately behave better.

Start treating your child like an adult at an early age. Children as old as 18 months are already responsive to parents’ expectations. So when you treat and talk to your child like an adult, this gives your child a sense of pride and responsibility, which usually leads them to act and behave as such.

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