10 Go-To Lines To Use When You Are Mad At Your Child


You’re only human. There are times when you just want to explode. When that happens, you’re tempted to say the most hurting words ever. As a parent, you know very well that you can’t and shouldn’t do that at all.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to contain emotions especially when you’re really mad. As much as you want to stay cool, there are times when your kid can really just tick you off. No matter how much you love your kid, he or she is bound to piss you off.

Since you’re the grown up, you’re to stay calm and composed. Yelling and saying hurting words will just make it harder for you and for your kid.

According to themotherco.com:

Some children will give up if they’ve been yelled at too much. They learn to harden their heart to you because their trusted bond to their parent is broken. Once that happens the child will no longer try to please you. This is the child that will likely grow into a troubled teenager and possibly adult as well.

So avoid yelling at your kid. Instead, try these 10 go-to lines. Turn to the next page to learn more.

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