10 Common Phrases We Have To Stop Saying To Our Kids. A Little Tweaking Can Make A Lot Of Difference


Here’s something to think about. There are actually things we usually say to our kids that can do more harm than good. What we had thought was positive reinforcement could actually have a negative impact on our kids. This just means we have to be more careful with the things we say to our kids.

We already know how negative words can really hurt our kids. Any kind of profanity or condescending phrases within earshot of our kids is not acceptable.
As parents, we also know that we have to avoid using old-school phrases that can either scare or threaten our kids.

But it’s not just the negative words that can hurt our kids. Yes, even the things that we have been so used to saying can have a negative impact on them. Who would have thought so? After all, these everyday phrases seem so harmless. They sound positive enough to encourage our kids. But apparently they don’t.

It is quite hard to decipher which of the everyday phrases can actually hurt our kids. But there’s no need to do that. If you want to know what these are, go check out the next page.

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