25 Cringeworthy Epic Parenting Fails. #1 Is A “What The … ?! Moment

What? Parents having epic fails? No way! … Unfortunately (especially for their children), there continues to be proof that some parents do have some spells of … ahem … spaced out moments every now and then.

Call it a major lapse in decision-making which will make parents and even non-parents cringe, some of these epic parenting fails were caught on camera … Lucky for us! LOL

Of course we can give some parents some slack as you probably have also had your share of epic parenting fails (just hope they were not caught on camera!). However, some of the pictures you will see are really utterly shocking or unbelievably funny.


What were these parents thinking?!! It really makes you wonder whether some of these people are even fit to be parents.

Fortunately for some for the kids, they are still too young to realize what the hell is going on. However, for some of them, we can just hope that they won’t be traumatized and scarred for life.

Check out these unbearably cringeworthy parenting fails now.

Here’s what some moms really do while the baby is sleeping …

25. “I might as well have a sandwich break while the baby is fast asleep.”


A motorcycle + a dad + a baby in a stroller = this (see below). Seriously, who would have thought people would really do this.

24. “I got you, honey bun. We’re almost there.”


Would you ever let your toddler climb up an open refrigerator? Apparently, some parent did, ignored safety, and simply took a picture of the moment.

23. “Hey son, could you please get me some juice? It’s on the second highest shelf of the ref.”


The next picture shows another way to use strollers to watch a parade.

22. “Just sit tight little Bobby. You’ve got the best view from up here.”


Plan to visit a zoo. See what one father did to give his kid an up close look at racoons.

21. “Hey son, let me hold you upside down so that you can go feed the raccoons up close.”


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