“Mom Of The Year” Shows Tough Love To Protect Her Son. Way To Go, Mom! Watch The Son Get Mom-Handled


This mom is making waves and is being praised as “Mom Of The Year”. In spite of all the turmoil from the Baltimore riot, she sticks to what has to be done — and that is to discipline her son. So she grabs, slaps, and drags her son away from the riot. While it is a radical way to discipline her son, she does make a clear point.

This smart mom did not want her son to have anything to do with the riot. What she did to make that point got her a lot of praises from the police, media, and ordinary folks.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts had good words to say about this mom. CBS Baltimore quotes Batts saying:

“I wish I had more parents who took charge of their kids tonight.”

Now everybody wants to find this mom. Here’s what ABC 2 News has to say about the incident:

“This woman saw her son causing trouble and she went old schooling. You can see how she takes matters in her own hands. We want to know who this woman is. If you know her email us, Facebook us, call us. Get in contact with the newsroom … People are talking about this woman all over the country …”

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