Don’t You Wish That You Can Do What This Kid Did When You Are Having A Crummy Moment?


Little Peter is a two year old who LOVES to play golf. An easy putt here, an easy putt there. He simply just can’t miss until this one …

Here are what people had to say about the video on YouTube:

lol this is basically me when I miss a 0 foot putt.

This is me when I wake up and realize today is not a work from home day.

To be fair, that second put was longer than the first. LOL.

The best part is dad cracking up behind the camera XD
Reminds me of how my dad would have reacted, lol.

I know the feeling kid.. If I wasn’t 30, I would do the same every time.

Play golf… commune with nature… relax… have fun… Ummm, doesn’t LOOK that way! Too funny. ;o)

LOL – Total Freak-out! We’ve seen people react like this at our mini golf course! Although not this young!

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