10 Smart Tips To Avoid Being A Toxic Parent And Make Your Kids Appreciate You When They’re All Grown Up


Being a toxic parent is not the best way to be described. You wouldn’t want to be labeled as such by your kids. If your kids see you as such, it would be best to assess your parenting style.

Toxic parenting can have catastrophic effects on your relationship with your kids. This particular style of parenting just has to be recognized, addressed, and stopped immediately.

But what exactly is a toxic parent? According to consistent-parenting-advice.com:

The phrase toxic parent was coined to describe parents whose own negative behaviour grossly inflicts emotional damage which contaminates their children’s sense of self.

This negative style of parenting is usually inherited from your own parents who, in turn, have inherited from theirs. Sad to say, toxic parenting is handed down from one generation to another. Such is why it should be recognized and addressed right away.

Unfortunately, this negative behavior is evident only when you become a parent. And now that you’re one, you should always make a conscious effort to avoid this particular kind of parenting style.

If you want to know how you can do that, read the tips on the next page.

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