21 Grossest Things Moms Do. #1 Is An “I’m About To Throw Up” Moment

3. Bathe a child all covered in food or sometimes, at worst … poop.

You just hope that the mess is just food most of the time. You can do it without batting an eyelash cause you are mom.

And just to make sure that your baby is eating safe food, you do this.

2. Taste baby food.


Talk about super mushy, mushy food! Moms have to taste them to make sure the baby will love them.

OMG! Did you ever think you’d do this last one?

1. Grab a toy out of the toilet.


Yikes! The toilet isn’t even flushed! The stuffed toy is absorbing all the yikey stuff. It’s a major ewwww.

Again, someone’s got to do the disgusting job and … that’s mom!

Come on don’t deny it. You are guilty of doing at least a couple of these things. However, you are excused ’cause you are a mom. You have earned the respect of being a mom!

Great job mom! 😀

Are there other gross things you do as a mom? Which of the grossest things presented really caught your attention? Which one very much, unfortunately, applies to you? 😀

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