21 Grossest Things Moms Do. #1 Is An “I’m About To Throw Up” Moment


Who would have ever thought you’d do all of these icky things? Up until you became a mom, you never thought you were capable enough to do some stuff that can be downright gross.

But now that you’re a mom, doing all these things becomes second nature. You do the grossest thing without freaking out. Sure, there are times when you complain about it. But you still end up doing it, right? Well, that’s because you are a mom. You would do anything for your child.

So here are the grossest things that you usually do as a mom.

At a glance, they do seem pretty disgusting. But when you think about it, doing all these things just shows your love and devotion. No one else could lovingly and affectionately do all these things but you.

So yes, motherhood can really make you do some strange stuff. You’re not taught to do it … you just do it because now you have kids.

Mind you, these grossest things require your most special touch because there is no standard way of doing it. None at all! All it takes is that special bond between you and your child.

Here they are.

21. Unexpectedly drink your loving child’s vomit.

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With motherhood, expect the unexpected.

This is definitely one of the first things mom has do once she has a child …

20. Wash the cute little bum bum even if it stinks big time.


It’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it! And that’s mom!

Did you ever think you would do the next one without freaking out?

19. Clean out snot, boogers, and whatever without getting squirmy about it.

This is a task for super mom!

What happens if your child feels like throwing up?

18. Catch vomit with your bare hands.


Even a superstar mom like Beyonce does it.

What do moms do when her child is full?

17. Eat your kid’s leftovers even though they look so unappetizing.


Taking fine dining to a totally different level.

So what do you do when your child no longer likes the candy in their mouth?

16. Eat a candy that had previously been half-sucked or half-licked.


It just tastes so much better with all that saliva!

You are guilty of doing the next one. You just cannot deny doing this.

15. Smell the “toesies” after the socks are taken off.


The scent only a mom could love.

This is gross but moms become joyous when this happens …

14. Rejoice at the smell of poop of your constipated child.


Finally he did it and you’re ecstatic! He’s not constipated anymore!

Who needs wipes when you can just do this.

13. Use your saliva to wipe dirt off your kid’s face, anything, and everything.


Who needs wipes when you can just wipe anything off with saliva?

There are some things you used to do in private … until now.

12. Fart and burp even when you are around your child.


You do this because you think you’ve earned the right to do so because you are mom. Besides, why excuse yourself to go to another room when you have to closely watch over your child?

Taking care of the kids can be a handful. That’s why you sometimes do this gross thing …

11. Skip showers just because you are so busy and always out of time doing all mom stuff.


“I smell something stinky, mom.”

Did you ever imagine you would have this guilty pleasure?

10. Smell your baby’s diapers.


Did you ever think you’d smell soiled diapers? Some moms even love the smell of dirty, stinky diapers. Even actress Sarah Jessica Parker admits to that.

Did you ever think you would do this with your bare hands?

9. Wipe drool off your child’s face with your bare hands, then wipe your hand dry on your dress.


Even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, does it and wipes the royal drool on her designer dress as can be seen above.

Nothing can beat your flair for fashion when you become a mom.

8. Wear clothing stained with vomit, saliva, pee, or poop.


The bad (or wierd and funny?!?) part is that you don’t even notice until someone tells you that you have these on your clothes.

When you’re a mom, you just have to learn to expect the unexpected …

7. Bath in your child’s unexpected vomit.


Just when you are done taking a bath, you end up soaking in fresh vomit … such perfect timing!

As a mom, you have such profound interest in this that you need to study it.

6. Observe and study baby poop.


Yes, yes … studying and smelling baby poop is a dirty job but mom’s got to do it cause … you are mom.

When you’re just too tired, you don’t care. So you’ll do this, right?

5. Sleep on a soiled sheet cause you are just so tired to care about it.


You’re just too tired to smell it anyway. You are excused cause you are a mom. Washing can wait.

As a mom, it just seems so natural to do this.

4. Drink from your child’s glass even if there’s something floating in it.

Cheerful baby girl sitting in chair and holding baby cup

You really don’t want to know what it is or where it’s from. You simply drink because you don’t want whatever is in the glass to go to waste or … you simply don’t really care cause you’re a mom anyway.

Babies practically just eat, sleep, play, and poop. Two of these could be kinda messy so what does mom have to do?

3. Bathe a child all covered in food or sometimes, at worst … poop.

You just hope that the mess is just food most of the time. You can do it without batting an eyelash cause you are mom.

And just to make sure that your baby is eating safe food, you do this.

2. Taste baby food.


Talk about super mushy, mushy food! Moms have to taste them to make sure the baby will love them.

OMG! Did you ever think you’d do this last one?

1. Grab a toy out of the toilet.


Yikes! The toilet isn’t even flushed! The stuffed toy is absorbing all the yikey stuff. It’s a major ewwww.

Again, someone’s got to do the disgusting job and … that’s mom!

Come on don’t deny it. You are guilty of doing at least a couple of these things. However, you are excused ’cause you are a mom. You have earned the respect of being a mom!

Great job mom! 😀

Are there other gross things you do as a mom? Which of the grossest things presented really caught your attention? Which one very much, unfortunately, applies to you? 😀

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