21 Grossest Things Moms Do. #1 Is An “I’m About To Throw Up” Moment


Who would have ever thought you’d do all of these icky things? Up until you became a mom, you never thought you were capable enough to do some stuff that can be downright gross.

But now that you’re a mom, doing all these things becomes second nature. You do the grossest thing without freaking out. Sure, there are times when you complain about it. But you still end up doing it, right? Well, that’s because you are a mom. You would do anything for your child.

So here are the grossest things that you usually do as a mom.

At a glance, they do seem pretty disgusting. But when you think about it, doing all these things just shows your love and devotion. No one else could lovingly and affectionately do all these things but you.

So yes, motherhood can really make you do some strange stuff. You’re not taught to do it … you just do it because now you have kids.

Mind you, these grossest things require your most special touch because there is no standard way of doing it. None at all! All it takes is that special bond between you and your child.

Here they are.

21. Unexpectedly drink your loving child’s vomit.

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With motherhood, expect the unexpected.

This is definitely one of the first things mom has do once she has a child …

20. Wash the cute little bum bum even if it stinks big time.


It’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it! And that’s mom!

Did you ever think you would do the next one without freaking out?

19. Clean out snot, boogers, and whatever without getting squirmy about it.

This is a task for super mom!

What happens if your child feels like throwing up? See next page.

21 Grossest Things Moms Do


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