10 Helpful Tips To Prevent Forgetting A Child In The Car. #5 Is My Routine


How could someone forget a child in a car? To forget a child in a hot car is preventable.

Yet, every year, we always read or hear about heartbreaking and tragic stories of babies and toddlers who died as a result of their parents forgetting them in their cars.

In fact, heat stroke deaths of children forgotten in the car number to around 30 to 50 a year, or 38 a year on average, according to KidsAndCars.org, a nonprofit safety organization.

Although in certain cases, some of the parents have some history of neglect or knowingly leaving a child in the car, most of the other cases involve loving and attentive parents who simply forgot they have a child in the backseat of their car. This phenomenon, known as Forgotten Baby Syndrome (FBS), can happen to the best of us.


According to Amber Rollins, director of KidsAndCars.org, even loving parents can have moments of forgetfulness or FBS.

“People think that it is monsters or terrible parents, but this is happening to the most educated, responsible people … The No. 1 thing that we tell people is: ‘Don’t ever think that this can’t happen to you’.”

Be aware that every time a child is strapped in a rear-facing car seat in the backseat of your car, there is always a potential that you might forget your child. This also happens typically with younger children as they are usually asleep and not making any noise.

To prevent accidentally forgetting your child and avoid a tragic incident from happening, check out the must-know helpful tips to prevent forgetting a child in the car:

10. Place your handbag, briefcase, or cell phone in the backseat beside the baby. Leaving something you routinely carry with you in and out of the car and placing these in the backseat is an excellent idea. You should not reach to grab it but make it a point to get out of the car to retrieve it. By doing so, you won’t help but notice your child in the backseat. This can help insure that you do not forget and leave your child in the car.

handbag-in-backseat (2)

If you think you might still forget to grab your handbag, briefcase, or cell phone, then you might like to do this. Use something that you definitely cannot leave a car without. Note: This tip can only apply to people who drive automatic cars. Sorry, stick shift drivers.

9. Leave your left shoe in the backseat. You might forget your purse, briefcase, or cell phone, but most likely, you won’t leave without your shoe. Source: News-Press.com

left-shoe-in-backseat (2)

Aside from entertaining your child, stuffed animals can serve a life-saving purpose. A stuffed animal can be used as a reminder that you have your child with you in the backseat of the car.

8. The stuffed animal swap method. Keep a stuffed animal in the car. When your baby is in the carseat, place the toy on the front passenger seat; when you remove the baby, put the animal in the carseat. This repetitive swap will indicate whether your baby is in the car. Source: Yahoo.com


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