8 Helpful Tips To Breastfeed In Public Discreetly

Here are the 8 helpful tips to breastfeed in public discreetly:

8. Practice. Many mothers find it useful to do a trial run before nursing in public for the first time or before using a new strategy. If you’re curious about your exposure, you can practice how you adjust your clothes or how your baby latches in front of a mirror at home. Exploring different outfits or strategies can help you determine what you’re most comfortable with before you’re out in public. And don’t be afraid to mix it up – what you like for the pool may not be your favorite for the restaurant or the department store. Adapt for ease and coverage as needed. Source: nmbreakthroughs.org

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Breastfeeding maybe one of the most natural things to do but you still need to practice to get it right. Here’s what nursingfreedom.org has to say about it:

If you have a babymoon period at home to relax with just you and your newborn, take full advantage. Keep your baby skin to skin, and work on practicing your latch and getting used to each other. The more comfortable you are with breastfeeding, the less you’ll feel fiddly and awkward when you’re in the public gaze.

With practice, breastfeeding will be a lot easier for you and it’s going to look a lot more natural. You won’t be calling too much attention to yourself. There’s another subtle way for you to breastfeed in public. Turn to the next page now.

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