7 Reasons Why Having An Infant Is Way Easier Than Having A Toddler

Savor your newborns crying because …

2. They Are Quieter Than You Realize. Newborns cry, sure. But while it might feel incessant to your sleep-deprived, new-mom ears, I’m sorry to report that it gets worse. Eventually, crying will become screaming and whining, and it will happen specifically to voice their displeasure over a variety of formerly-benign occurrences – putting on clothes, getting out of the bath, eating dinner …


When it comes to managing sleep, you really cannot complain much when it comes to your baby’s sleeping habits cause …

1. Babies Sleep a Lot. Babies might not sleep the way we want them to (i.e. through the night), but they do sleep an awful lot … Toddler sleep is full of not-so-awesome things like night terrors, or waking up in the middle of the night because they want to talk to Grandma on Facetime.



The bottomline is, quit complaining. Enjoy your cute and adorable newborn. While it can get pretty crazy and chaotic, the infant stage is nothing compared to the toddler years.

So if you could just seize the moment, do it. Then make sure to brace yourself because the infant stage is nothing like the years to come.

If you are not totally convinced about the serenity of the infant stage, as compared to the toddler years, take a good look at what Alana has to fully say about it. You can read her full article here.


Do you agree that infant stage is a lot more peaceful than the toddler years?

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