7 Reasons Why Having An Infant Is Way Easier Than Having A Toddler

Infants don’t require you to be on heightened alert when they are awake cause …

5. They Will Stay In One Spot. Enjoy being able to sit your baby down knowing that he won’t be able to run off and throw himself head-first down the stairs when your back is turned for two seconds. Savor it. It won’t last long.



Planning to go out of the house? … Then it’s really no biggie with infants since …

4. You Can Go Places Pretty Easily. I long for the days I could just cruise them around in their car seats and entertain them with colorful, dangly toys … These days, I find myself at the grocery store with two toddlers trying to launch themselves out of the cart while I’m picking out apples.


You think managing the needs of your newborn is hectic? Actually, managing the needs of newborns is a lot easier since …

3. Their Needs Are Pretty Basic. The difficult part about newborns is that you have to do a lot of guessing. Are they hungry? Tired? Gassy? Maybe they just want to be held? As a parent, your job might be exhausting, but it’s pretty straightforward: keep the baby alive … Then comes toddlerhood. Now, you have to do all of the fundamental things you’ve done all along, but you also have to handle emotional meltdowns, the emerging need for independence …



If the constant crying of your baby is getting to you, think again … See next page …


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