5 Surprising Things Babies Can Easily Do. #1 Is Really Unexpected

Did you know that babies can do this?

2. Babies Can Read Your Lips. Starting at about 6 months old, babies stop looking into their caregivers’ eyes and start looking at their lips to figure out how to make sounds correctly. Source: Cracked.com


Researchers found that starting at around 6 months, babies appear to be studying the lips of people who were talking to them instead of just gazing intently into the talking person’s eyes.

“The baby in order to imitate you has to figure out how to shape their lips to make that particular sound they’re hearing,” explains developmental psychologist David Lewkowicz of Florida Atlantic University, who led the study being published Monday. “It’s an incredibly complex process.”

It doesn’t take long for babies to start picking up things and start matching the sounds coming out with the movements of the mouth. It’s quite remarkable that these little babies are so observant.

“It’s a pretty intriguing finding,” says University of Iowa psychology professor Bob McMurray, who also studies speech development. The babies “know what they need to know about, and they’re able to deploy their attention to what’s important at that point in development.”

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