5 Mistakes Moms Do Online That Actually Put Their Kids At Risk For Identity Theft


A couple of years ago, moms just carried photos of their kids in their wallets. If anyone cared to listen to them, they would just take the photos out of their wallets to show their kids off. But thanks to the internet, moms don’t need to do that anymore. They don’t even need to carry photos with them. Nowadays, proud moms just go online to post all the cute photos of their kids.


So consider yourself lucky if you’re a mom in this digital era. Thanks to the onset of social media networks, you now have a platform to display every single photo of you kids. You can seize every single milestone in a photo and upload online. In just a matter of seconds, the whole world knows about your child.

But then you just have to be careful. According to an article on cafemom.com, “oversharing” your child’s photos and updates isn’t such a safe practice after all.

… a new study by New York University argues this tendency isn’t just potentially annoying, but could put your kids in danger, too.


So how and why exactly are you endangering your kids online? Check out the 5 mistakes moms do online.


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