12 Tried and Tested Potty Training Tips Moms Swear By. #3 Worked For Me

The power of motivation and fun prizes, when done right, can do the trick. Who does not like surprises? Why not motivate your toddler with some bag of surprises …

10. Use Treats and Surprises.

Our daughter wasn’t very consistent with toilet training until we introduced the surprise bag. We got a bunch of inexpensive toys and stickers and put them in a colorful gift bag. Every time she used the toilet, we would clap and tell her what a great job she did and let her pick one surprise out of the bag. We kept it up for about a week and a half, and when the surprises ran out she just kept on using the potty. We continued to praise her and she quickly forgot the surprise bag. I can honestly say that toilet training was painless and quick with this method, and I plan to use it again with my next child. (4)


You can be more creative and make a treasure chest or box with your child to make them really excited about the concept of going potty.

If some adults can fall for the next solution. Chances are that your child can fall for this too … The age-old bribe is another motivating way to getting your child potty trained …

9. Bribery Works If It’s Done Right.

Here’s the trick with bribery, mamas. First, it has to be something that your kids like – not what you like. For instance, if your child’s favorite candy is M&Ms, then that’s the bribe. You may prefer them to be bribed with carrot sticks, but those are boring to our little ones. So make the bribe something they can’t resist. Second, the bribe candy has to be where they can see it, hear it, and know that, without a doubt, they’re going to receive it if they do their business in the potty. Rewards work wonders if they’re given at the right time. (5)


You can have variations of bribing like giving more M&Ms or some ice cream if your child takes the initiative to go potty without you having to remind him about it. Just be creative.

Some moms say boys are a little bit tougher to potty train than girls so if you have a little boy, you might like to try this next tip … (see next page)


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