10 Smart Ways To Tame Your Child’s “Tantrum From Hell”. #5 Is Something I Swear By

Bribing, ahem, I mean rewarding your child still works so don’t forget to use this.

4. Give Your Kid Incentive to Behave.

Certain situations are trying for kids. Maybe it’s sitting through a long meal at a restaurant or staying quiet in church. Whatever the hissy hot button, this is the trick: “It’s about recognizing when you’re asking a lot of your child and offering him a little preemptive bribe. While you’re on your way to the restaurant, for example, tell him, ‘Alex, Mommy is asking you to sit and eat your dinner nicely tonight. I really think you can do it! And if you can behave, then when we get home I’ll let you watch a video.'” (8)

happy kid eating banana fruit

A lot of toddlers respond to positive reinforcement and rewards.

Just make sure you reward for good behavior and not bad ones though.

How does a hostage negotiator usually diffuse a tense situation? Keeping your cool and speaking calmly can help diffuse a major tantrum situation.

3. Speak Calmly.

This is a biggie — and is much easier said than done. But experts insist you must keep your cool during a child’s tantrum. “Otherwise, you’ll get into a power struggle and make the whole thing escalate. Plus, part of the reason kids resort to tantrums is to get attention,” Dr. Hoecker says. (9)


Look them in the eye and calmly talk with them to find out what is bothering them. Set an example for your kid and calmly talk the situation through.

Again, exercise patience and try to get your child to communicate with you.


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