10 Helpful Tips To Prevent Forgetting A Child In The Car. #5 Is My Routine

8. The stuffed animal swap method.

Keep a stuffed animal in the car. When your baby is in the carseat, place the toy on the front passenger seat; when you remove the baby, put the animal in the carseat. This repetitive swap will indicate whether your baby is in the car. (2)


Treat your car like you treat your house.

Don’t you check the windows and doors of your house whenever you leave? Why not do the same with your car?

7. Always check the entire car before you leave (front and back).

The more you stick to a routine, the less likely it will be forgotten. (3)

checking-car-prevent-child-in-car (2)

If checking the front and back of your car is still not much of an active routine for you to do, then consider doing this instead … Take a more actionable routine whenever you leave your car after parking such as … see next page


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