10 Frequently Eaten Foods That Can Choke Kids. Can You Guess What The No. 1 Culprit Is?

Surprisingly, seeds and nuts — though small — have been known to cause choking when kids place a handful in their mouths.

7. Seeds, nuts, or shells – 6.5% of food choking ER visits. Kids often consume these by the handful, researchers noted. Sometimes the handfuls are too full meaning the kids get more in their mouth than they can handle.


Infants and babies need to drink this everyday to develop and grow.


Unfortunately, milk has been found to cause choking among babies so keep a close eye on them when feeding.

6. Formula, milk, or breast milk – 6.7% of food choking ER visits. While most of the kids were older, babies still exhibited signs of choking and were admitted to ER. Watch your feeder.


Kids love these as they are sweet and almost always served fresh.

Make sure to cut fruits and vegetables into really small pieces when serving them to little kids.

5. Fruits and vegetables – 9.7% of food choking ER visits. Make sure things are prepared in small pieces.


Chicken, meat, and fish have these. However, sometimes we may miss removing them when serving them to little kids.


Make sure to double-check and remove those little bones when serving meat, chicken, and fish to little kids.

4. Bone – 12% of food choking ER visits. Little fish and chicken bones can be nasty things. You and I would watch for them in our food, less experienced eaters won’t.


This common source of protein is good for little kids for muscle development. However, it is by far one of the three known causes of choking. Find out what this is on the next page.


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