Overly Proud First Time Dad Has His Baby Son’s Face Massively Tattooed On His What? You’ve Got To See This …


The joys of parenting. No one can really explain that extreme feeling of happiness and being proud especially when you become a first time dad. You’re bound to do something that’s out of the ordinary because of sheer happiness. But out of the ordinary is an understatement for what this dad from Texas did to his face to celebrate the birth of his son.

Christien Sechrist, a 20-year-old dad from Deer Park, celebrated the birth of his son Perseus Allen Mitchell by inking a giant black-and-white image of the boy’s face on his left cheek. Yahoo.com

Clearly and obviously, this guy is elated with the birth of his son. You can’t blame him for that. And that tattoo on his face is definitely a work of art. But it just makes you think, what was he thinking of? Inking his left cheek is no joke. It also must have hurt. But, really … a massive ink job on your face? Why?

According to reports, Sechrist’s son had “an apparent brush with death,” so Dad decided to honor his son in the only way he knew — a massive tattoo that spans his cheek, jawline, and earlobe. CafeMom.com

Check out the photo on the next page to see for yourself. You might have a chuckle or a big LOL moment when you see it.

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