7 Silliest But Truly Awesome Dads Ever. No. 5 Is Something You Won’t Forget. LOL


Fun! Fun! Fun! These awesome images are proof that dads can be silly and have some great fun with their kids, even if it means that you have to dress up silly as a cartoon character or as a cool super hero. You just have to see these collection of images of what dads would really do just to please their kids and see them smile.

Some of the imaginative costumes that these dads are wearing are just amazing. I would think that some of these costumes are even home-made, custom-built costumes. These are really creative dads, no doubt. I think it’s really cool that these dads would really go out of the way and really spend some time just to goof off with their children.

I must say that these cool dads are truly enjoying their parenting role to their cute little kids. From “Ironman Dad” to “Robot Baby-Dad”, no one can beat the creativity of these super dads. So go ahead and check out the images of these awesome dads and their proud kids. Who really needs a super hero when you have a awesome dad, right?

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