How To Put A Baby To Sleep In Less Than A Minute. You Won’t Believe How Simple It Is


Believe it or not, this dad can actually put his baby to sleep in just 40 seconds. No, he didn’t sing a lullaby or rock his baby to sleep. He did something simpler than that. What did he do? He used a tissue paper tissue paper to send his baby to slumber land. And all in all, it only took him 40 seconds to do it.

According to Yahoo:

Nathan Dailo shows the method that he says works wonders on his 3-month-old son, Seth, in a YouTube video that has sleep-deprived parents around the globe mystified about how he’s able to get his son from squirmy to snoozing in just 40 seconds.”

As of this writing, the video has raked in more than 6.5 million views. Now that’s a lot of views, most probably from sleepless parents who are very curious about the trick.

So the question is: does it work? Well apparently, yes, it can.

While the method may be strange, there’s no doubt it can be successful.

This trick has gotten a lot of people talking. Here are some of their comments:

This is not a real, healthy baby sleep but more a sort of vudu hypnosis! Thanks for the clue.

I’m currently trying it on myself but i think it can’t work becau…..z……..z……..z…………z…….z….z..z..z…z.z.zz.z.zzz.zz

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