Got In Serious Trouble? Just Blame It On Barbie. :)


If you ever run into some serious trouble such as a “nail polish disaster”, meaning … spilling Disney nail polish on the carpet while attempting to paint your Barbie doll with it, then this little 3-year-old girl has a solution for you: Just blame it on Barbie! 🙂

That’s exactly what adorable Sophie did when she got into trouble while doing just that. Her father, Joseph Nagorski, had to get to the bottom of the nail polish disaster so little Sophie had some explaining to do before she got her punishment.

This little princess had it all figured-out, complete with the accompanying tears, as she tried to wriggle her way out of trouble. Below are some of the comments on this must-watch video on YouTube:

LOL I love this!

I don’t think I could punish her she’s just too adorable.

I think my heart just melted ^.^

That barbie is evil throw it away ASAP!!!

This is the cutest!

stop Barbie’s now for more information please contact 1-800-STOP-BARBIES

That darn barbie! She can be such a pushy bitch! lol This was cute! Thank you for sharing I smiled through the whole video!

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