You’ll Be Stunned With What This “Toddler Chef” Can Do With An Egg


I love eggs. Well, who doesn’t? I love cooking it and having it for breakfast. My son loves it as well. Although I cook it almost every morning, I just can’t seem to crack it perfectly. There are mornings when our eggs have an unusual crunch, thanks to the eggshells. Luckily, my son is used to it.

When I have to crack an egg, I use both my hands. I just can’t seem to do with just one hand. But a 15-month old chef named Anna puts me to shame. She’s not only able to crack an egg perfectly, but she can do it with one hand.

You’d think she’d end up dropping or crushing the egg, right? After all, that’s pretty much what we could expect from a 15-month old. But no, this adorable little chef is not about to make a mess.

Tony Quarella is the proud dad. You could clearly hear him on the video; telling his wife to give little Anna an egg. He was pretty calm and didn’t, for one second, panic. Makes me want to think that he’s got his parenting style all figured out. And maybe he has. According to

“We try to let her experience as much as possible and fail safely which precludes any doubts we may have had about the idea,” the Mantua, New Jersey, resident told BuzzFeed.

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