5-Year-Old Perfectly Masters Bruce Lee’s Nunchacku Moves. Watch His Jaw-Dropping Performance


Yes, he’s only five years old but he can perfectly imitate the nunchaku scene of Bruce Lee. This adorable little boy is Ryuji Imai and he is just amazing! He’s cute, he’s from Japan, and he’s getting a lot of attention these days. Jeanne Moos of KHON2 tags him as “the internet’s mini Bruce Lee.”

Donning a replica of Bruce Lee’s yellow-and-black jumpsuit, Ryuji perfectly mimics the nanchaku scene from the 1972 movie, “Game of Death”. He has memorized the routine, synchronizing his every move with Bruce Lee’s nauchaku’s scene. Not only is his timing perfect but so is his acting. His facial expression is just so compelling. And you’re going to go crazy when you hear him say, “Surprised?“ He has the whole scene all figured out.

His viewers on YouTube are raving about his performance. Here’s what some of his fans say about him.


So cool! Haha

Now that’s impressive!

We shall call him … “Mini-Lee.”

Bruce Lee is back. In a very cute way.

This kid needs a “Follow me” button

This young Japanese boy is awesome!”

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