10 Superfoods You Should Feed Your Toddler. #2 Might Surprise You


Choosing the right meals and snacks for your toddler can get pretty tricky. There are times when you just end up choosing one that’s readily available. There’s really nothing wrong with that as long as what is available is something that’s healthy and nutritious.

Unfortunately, the food that’s readily available for your toddler is not all that healthy and nutritious. There are times when you just end up grabbing a biscuit. If it’s not a biscuit, it may just be a cookie that’s loaded with lots and lots of sugar.

Snacks are just as important as the three main meals. You really have to think about the kind of snacks to give to our toddler.

You have to be careful in choosing your toddler’s snacks. Here’s what healthychildren.org has to say about this:

Many children need a morning and afternoon snack, which should be timed so they won’t interfere with lunch or dinner. Snacks should include a satisfying balance of healthful foods.

If you are in a quandary as to what kind of healthful foods to choose, turn to the next page where you will learn more about the 10 superfoods that you should feed your toddler.

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