10 Simple Ways You Can Raise A Kid Who Loves To Read


Have you read a book lately? If yes, then that’s pretty good. If no, then do something about it. If you really want your kid to be a voracious reader, then you have to be one as well.

According to Dr. Suzanne Gelb, a clinical psychologist and a professional life coach, your kid has to see you read as well.

It’s tough to inspire your child to read more if you don’t read much, yourself. You are the single most influential figure in your child’s life, so be sure to model the kind of behavior that you wish to see.

The best way to inspire your kid to read is by sheer exposure to books. If you are a reader yourself, it’s pretty natural to have books all over the place. Reading becomes a natural instinct for your kid if he or she sees you do it all the time. That’s just how easy it is if you are a reader yourself.

Now if you’re not a reader, don’t stress yourself over it. There are 10 simple ways to raise a kid who loves to read. To learn more, you can turn to the next page.

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