Car Seat on Shopping Cart: 6 Foolish Reasons Parents Still Do This. #1 Is Unbelievable


When you have your precious little one with you when you go to the supermarket, placing the baby car seat on top of the shopping cart seems like the most convenient thing to do. Sure, it might be convenient but it is NOT SAFE. In fact, it is more DANGEROUS than you think.

Unfortunately, some parents STILL choose to keep doing it Even AFTER Learning about how very dangerous this can be.

Babies have died from head injuries as a result of their car seats falling off a shopping cart. It has happened before and it can happen again.

A three-month-old boy has died after he fell from a shopping cart as it was pushed over a speed bump. James Anderson Berg died after the car seat he was sat in toppled from the top of the cart in a Kroger parking lot in Macon, Atlanta. Source:

In fact, most shopping carts that you find in grocery stores and supermarkets have warning signs (like the one shown below) saying that baby car seats should not be placed on top of shopping carts.

no-baby-car-seat-on-shopping-cart-warning (450x450)

Even the American Academy of Pediatrics highly recommends not to place baby car seats on shopping carts due to the potential dangers associated with the practice.

Some parents still choose to ignore these warnings in spite of being made aware of the serious dangers their child is being exposed to. It’s just really unfortunate. I just can’t understand why some parents are willing to risk a baby’s life for the sake of convenience and just to prove to themselves that there really is no cause for concern.

You can check out the 6 foolish reasons why some parents still choose to place their baby car seat on top of a shopping cart even after learning how very dangerous it can be on the next page.

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