Zika Virus And Birth Defects: 10 Facts You Need To Know

There are other ways Zika can be transmitted.

8. Zika virus transmission can also occur during labor, blood transfusion, laboratory exposure, and sexual contact.


The first case of Zika that was contracted in the U.S. was confirmed to have been transmitted sexually. The case has opened up new avenues of concern for health officials.

… the CDC warned for the first time that pregnant women or those hoping to become pregnant should “consult with their healthcare professional if their partner has had exposure to Zika virus”.

As reported by The Guardian, CDC also said:

Based on what we know now, the best way to avoid Zika virus infection is to prevent mosquito bites AND to avoid exposure to semen from someone who has been exposed to Zika virus or has been ill from Zika virus infection.

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