Women Are Swooning Over “Hot Dad” Bathing His Newborn. Is He Really Hot? You Be The Judge



Here is one hot dad! No one can deny the fact that he is. And the funny thing is that he’s not even trying to be one. He’s just pretty much giving his newborn a bath. Just like any father with a newborn, he is lovingly bathing his child. It really is a tender moment between him and his newborn. But he is hot! He’s got a perfect profile. Yes, he is cute! His unshaven face just makes him even sexier. And he puts on a cute little smile as he tenderly soaps the little one. No wonder most of the women are swooning over him.

Here are a couple of interesting comments from Youtube.com:

Am I the only girl who watches father and baby videos and cries because of the cuteness overload? Oh, and this video is adorable!

Need a guy like him.. That’s sexier than those guys posting videos while working out at a gym.. Nothing is sexier than this.

I think … I think I’m ovulating now.

I started crying because you can see how much he loves his child and does not want to hurt it.

This made me cry so beautiful.

Hot daddy.

Awww…. I love hands-on Daddy!

Aww Beautiful what a loving father

Now that was absolutely precious. The world needs more fathers like that!

You will see why so many women are swooning over this video on the next page.

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