This Style Of Parenting Might Get These Kids Taken Away From Their Parents


The video below from the Washington Post has the story about the Meitivs and their free-range kid parenting style.


Here’s some more update on this story:

Do you agree with Danielle Meitiv that the world is safer today than it was years ago? See her talk about it here.


With a lot of kid abduction cases still occurring, would you let your young kids walk alone unattended in public? Here’s a debate about the Meitiv’s case.

Do you think we should give very young children (ages 10 and below) this much freedom to walk or play on their own in public areas? Do the benefits of leaving your children unattended (based on free-range kid parenting philosophy) in public outweigh the risks involved? Is our world really safer today than it was years ago?


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