“Mom Of The Year” Shows Tough Love To Protect Her Son. Way To Go, Mom! Watch The Son Get Mom-Handled

Here is the video of tough mom showing her kid some tough love. Someday, this kid will thank her mom big time.


Here’s a news clip that includes an interview of the photojournalist who caught everything on video.

According to Manny Locke, the photojournalist that shot it all, he was at the right place at the right time. This is how he describes the scene between the mom and her son.

“She was using profanity. He was trying to hide his face because he had a black mask. She said, ‘You don’t think I can notice you!’ She did what every parent should have done.”


That is one tough mom that really loves her son. If only we had more parents like her to guide a straying kid. Way to go mom! We salute you!

Would you do the same thing if you saw your child throwing stones at the police? Do you think this mom should really be “Mom of the year”?


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