21 Grossest Things Moms Do. #1 Is An “I’m About To Throw Up” Moment

6. Observe and study baby poop.


Yes, yes … studying and smelling baby poop is a dirty job but mom’s got to do it cause … you are mom.

When you’re just too tired, you don’t care. So you’ll do this, right?

5. Sleep on a soiled sheet cause you are just so tired to care about it.


You’re just too tired to smell it anyway. You are excused cause you are a mom. Washing can wait.

As a mom, it just seems so natural to do this.

4. Drink from your child’s glass even if there’s something floating in it.

Cheerful baby girl sitting in chair and holding baby cup

You really don’t want to know what it is or where it’s from. You simply drink because you don’t want whatever is in the glass to go to waste or … you simply don’t really care cause you’re a mom anyway.

Babies practically just eat, sleep, play, and poop. Two of these could be kinda messy so what does mom have to do? You’ll find out what it is on the next page.


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