21 Grossest Things Moms Do. #1 Is An “I’m About To Throw Up” Moment

9. Wipe drool off your child’s face with your bare hands, then wipe your hand dry on your dress.


Even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, does it and wipes the royal drool on her designer dress as can be seen above.

Nothing can beat your flair for fashion when you become a mom.

8. Wear clothing stained with vomit, saliva, pee, or poop.


The bad (or wierd and funny?!?) part is that you don’t even notice until someone tells you that you have these on your clothes.

When you’re a mom, you just have to learn to expect the unexpected …

7. Bath in your child’s unexpected vomit.


Just when you are done taking a bath, you end up soaking in fresh vomit … such perfect timing!

As a mom, you have such profound interest in this that you need to study it. See the next page.


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