21 Grossest Things Moms Do. #1 Is An “I’m About To Throw Up” Moment

12. Fart and burp even when you are around your child.


You do this because you think you’ve earned the right to do so because you are mom. Besides, why excuse yourself to go to another room when you have to closely watch over your child?

Taking care of the kids can be a handful. That’s why you sometimes do this gross thing …

11. Skip showers just because you are so busy and always out of time doing all mom stuff.


“I smell something stinky, mom.”

Did you ever imagine you would have this guilty pleasure?

10. Smell your baby’s diapers.


Did you ever think you’d smell soiled diapers? Some moms even love the smell of dirty, stinky diapers. Even actress Sarah Jessica Parker admits to that.

Did you ever think you would do this with your bare hands? See the next page.


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