Got In Serious Trouble? Just Blame It On Barbie. :)

Here is the video of Sophie explaining how Barbie got her in trouble. Enjoy. 🙂

Isn’t this little girl adorable? She sure has her dad wrapped around her fingers. hehehe. Can’t blame him.

Of course, just like anything on the Internet, Sophie’s dad came under fire with people who were not a fan of his parenting style. This is what he had to say to them:

For those of you that saw this video as a cute little girl trying to get out of trouble in a cute way, thank you! You actually saw the video as it was intended and I am happy you enjoyed it,” he wrote. “For those that are trying to critique our parenting style and diagnosis our daughter, I am sorry that you have nothing to do other than shame other people and read way to deep into light-hearted videos on YouTube.

Well done, Sophie’s dad.

Did you enjoy watching little Sophie explain her way out of trouble by blaming Barbie?

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