Find Out How This Shoe Is Set To Change The World


This is one of the smartest innovations that I have seen. It’s such a simple yet very smart innovation on one of the oldest inventions man has ever created — the shoe — that is bound to change the world of thousands, if not millions of children who do not have a pair of shoe or sandals just because they live in really poor third world countries.

When most people think of children in poverty, hunger is usually the first thing that comes to mind. But for many children in the developing world, even the most basic clothing items can be hard to come by. While working in Nairobi, Kenya, inventor Kenton Lee was struck by how many young children were barefoot, their feet covered in scrapes and sores.

Scrapes and sores are not just he only problems that children going on barefoot can have. Cuts and puncture wounds can potentially lead to infections and serious illnesses such as tetanus. In third world countries, children tend to hunt for food or household items in garbage dumps or abandoned buildings or homes, raising the risks of their feet being in contact with contaminated water, feces, or other potentially harmful chemicals.

Kenton Lee developed the “The Shoe That Grows”, which can be adjusted five times as a child’s feet grows. See how the shoe can be adjusted to accommodate a growing child on the next page.

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