Car Seat on Shopping Cart: 6 Foolish Reasons Parents Still Do This. #1 Is Unbelievable


Accidents STILL do happen even to the best of us.

Reason 2. “I am a responsible, attentive parent. I have my hand on the car seat at all times.”


Here are samples of actual quotes.

Omg this is so stupid learn how to push a cart lmao I don’t see any problem having a car seat on top as long as it latches on a responsible parent should be able to manage a cart without an injury to a child. – M.F.

I have done it with all my kids and never had a problem the carseat locks onto the cart and im holding the cart too. – S.H.

Like everyone has someone on stand by to keep their child when grocery shopping. I’ve done this with my kids and as long as I’m right there (as any parent should be) I can guarantee they are safe. – K.S.

This is ridiculous. Kids aren’t going to get hurt just by being in the shopping cart. I put my baby’s carseat on the top and my 3 year old behind it. There’s absolutely no way of them falling out unless someone comes and pushes my cart over, which is highly unlikely … Moral of the story is pay attention to your kids, be a parent. It’s pretty simple. – R.B.

I usually dont do this, but sometimes I have to and I have never had a problem, like everyone else says it latches in. I hold the seat while steering so my hand is on the car seat at all times. – K.M.

Parents, just a reminder … All it takes is 1 second of distraction for accidents to happen. It’s not easy being 100% attentive to your baby when you are reaching out for items on the shelf, comparing prices, or simply reaching into your purse.

The risks are real. Here are what other moms have to say:

I seen a cart flip with a baby on top of it. Guess what the baby was a week old. Busted it’s head wide open and had to go into emergency surgery… not a big deal still? You can still stand with the cart but she wasn’t able to catch the baby. Why even risk it if there is a possibility your child could get hurt. – K.G.

Brings back bad memories..I was at grocery store with my two babies (they are 15 days from being a year apart) my daughter was in the car seat postioned like above and my son was in the cart..I turned my back for a second to get something off the shelf..I heard a loud BAM to see my youngest upside down on the hard concrete heart dropped and suddenly had a knot in my could this have happened, I quickly grabbed her, she didn’t cry or anything I was scared to death. I took her to the emergency room and was told not to let her sleep just incase she had a concussion but they believe because the handle was in upright position on the car seat it helped protect her. I would advise anyone that has a little one to put the car seat in the cart not on the handle/seat area. I was very lucky my baby wasn’t injured!! – T.C.

When my daughter was small I put the car seat on top. I stopped after an accident. We left the store and I noticed a jungle gym outside and pulled the cart over to look at them for my son. I had one hand on the cart (loosely) while I was looking at prices. Big gust of wind came, blew the cart out of my hand. The cart rolled off the curb, and my daughter went flying through the air. Landed facedown in her car seat on the pavement. She was fine, thankfully. Not a scratch. But it CAN happen. I’m not a bad parent, I thought it was latched on. It wasn’t. Accidents can happen and happen very fast. From then on, I never set a car seat on top. I cringe when I see it now in the store. I know it’s NOT safe. We got lucky. To see her car seat flying through the air and land face down was so scary. – A.E.

I saw it in Walmart once. Another cart came around the corner and bumped the cart with the baby and the seat came off. Luckily the mom caught it right before it hit the ground but if she hadn’t the baby would’ve hit its head on the concrete floor. She put the seat in the actual basket and said that was too close. She was pushing the cart and still barely had time to grab the seat. – A.E.

Some people say they keep both hands on the cart and they dont do any “crazy stunts”. What about a kid who runs out in front of you? What if someone isnt paying attention and slams into your cart? When my daughter was a few months old I had her carseat in the big bottom part of the cart (never ever on top) and a lady slammed into us so hard that my child woke up and started crying. I was furious at this idiot (she saw the baby, but never apologized. So…idiot) but what would have happened if I had her carseat on top and she hit me that hard? When it comes to my children, its not worth the convenience. – R.W.

The last foolish reason is simply unbelievable. You just have to see it on the next page.

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