Car Seat on Shopping Cart: 6 Foolish Reasons Parents Still Do This. #1 Is Unbelievable


Although cart space may be a concern, it still does not justify risking a child’s life …

Reason 3. “How am I supposed to grocery shop if I don’t have enough space for groceries?”


Here are samples of actual quotes.

Ok, so how am I supposed to grocery shop? I always put my babys car seat on the shopping cart. – B.H.

It’s a pain to go grocery shopping with the carrier in the cart, I can’t buy much and the bagger doesn’t seem comfortable packing my cart with her in there. – V.L.

When my son was a baby. I put on top of the cart where the seat is. I know it was a risk. But when you have to do a lot of shopping. Where are you going to put the food and other stuff at If your child is in the buggie. – D.S.

It would be hell grocery shopping with four kids and putting the car seat in the deep part of the cart. There would be no place for the groceries. – S.H.

I tried grocery shopping for the family with the car seat in the basket of the cart and I had no room for groceries. They were piling up next to him and I was then worried about groceries falling on top of him. – S.W.

These moms have a solution regarding space issues:

I put my baby’s car seat inside the grocery cart and put all my stuff on the space around the car seat and at the bottom of the cart I would not trust latching my baby’s car seat to the shopping cart. – M.M.

I personally don’t enjoy grocery shopping BUT I will make 2 or 3 small trips a week with my now 3month old son & just place his car seat in the carts basket. I just load up the little seat with things I need. – D.C.

Just because it hasn’t happened to you doesn’t make it safe. Our local grocery store manager has asked parents to remove their child from the top of the cart. I have made large grocery runs with my infant in the cart, have never had an issue. – C.L.

Just put the car seat in the basket. It’s common sense. If you have to buy a lot on a grocery trip, wear the baby. Just don’t put the baby on top. It’s not that hard to figure out. – M.T.

Still think it’s worth risking your baby’s life by placing the car seat on top of a shopping cart? Here’s another mother’s unfortunate experience:

An old man ran into my shopping Cart in his electric wheel chair and tipped it over in the parking lot when I was putting groceries in my car. My 3 month old child AND his car seat fell from the top of the buggy and landed head first on the concrete. Yes he was strapped into his seat but it landed with him head down. He had a concussion and and road burn and had to stay in the hospital for 2 days. I was uneducated. I didn’t see a problem with it. I didn’t think something like that would happen to me and if someone would have told me something about it I honestly would have had a “this is my baby and I’ll do what I want” reply. If you think your cart can’t tip over from a small child you’re probably right, but it can tip over due to a number of other things. My baby could have died that day. Every time I see a mother place her child at the top of the cart I cringe. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think safety first. It can happen to anyone at anytime. – A.S.

Here’s what some “responsible” parents’ excuse for placing a car seat on a shopping cart. Check it out on the next page.

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