Car Seat on Shopping Cart: 6 Foolish Reasons Parents Still Do This. #1 Is Unbelievable


This reasoning is really bound to hurt babies …

Reason 4. “If a car seat can protect a baby in a car accident, then it should be able to protect a baby from a fall.”


Here are samples of actual quotes.

I don’t know of any shopping cart that is easily tipped … Also, i find it hard to believe that a car seat can save a baby from death in a car accident (which is far more devastating) than a fallen cart. I’m just saying. – M.G.

I always put my baby on the top and haven’t had an issue … seats are designed to protect little one from a car accident but can’t protect them from a cart tipping over , I highly doubt it…. This kind of bad me mad. – J.T.

So car seats we put our children in them to keep safe during a car crash but can’t put them on top of a cart? Seems stupid to me. – S.R.

Ok so car seats are approved safe in a moving car which could be wrecked at high speeds but not in a shopping cart…wtf as long as the child is strapped in appropriately then how are theu falling out. – A.H.

If the car seat can’t protect a baby from falling in a shopping cart them it has no business being in a vehicle. Js – A.S.

A car seat is designed MAINLY to protect a baby in a car crash. Car seats are NOT designed to protect a baby from a fall off a shopping cart.

Here’s what a mom has to say about this issue:

A fallen cart is likely to land with them face first to the ground. A car seat is not designed to protect them from this, so it can injure or kill them. – M.W.

This mom recounts her nightmarish experience involving her son:

9 years ago i had my 2 month old son Connor in a car seat on the top of the buggy and my 3 year old stepson was trying to help load groceries on to the belt and knocked my sons car seat on the floor. He was strapped in but the car seat hit face first. His body never touched the ground however his head slammed back into the seat and he had a brain bleed and spent the night in childrens hospital. Dont ever think it won’t happen to you or that the car seat will fully protect them even properly strapped in. I will never forget that sickening thud of the car seat hitting the ground. – A.S.

The next reason has to do with cart space … see next page.

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