Car Seat on Shopping Cart: 6 Foolish Reasons Parents Still Do This. #1 Is Unbelievable


Here are the 6 foolish reasons why some parents still choose to place their baby car seat on top of a shopping cart even after learning how very dangerous it can be:

Reason 6. “This is just ridiculous. I have never had this happen to me.”


Here are samples of actual quotes.

I have 3 kids all of them I did this with and had no issues … In 32 years I have never seen this happen! Again stupid people! – S.B.

OK, that is ridiculous! If I click my infant carseat on the shopping cart it becomes top heavy and can flip? … That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. – C.L.

This is stupid to me … I have always put my child on the cart and had no problems ever!!!! – R.P.

For years i have seen people putting their seats on carts and i will continue to do the same thing…for me its all about paying attention. – K.L.

I never had problems with that and both of my kids are fine I have a 3 yr old and I have a 1 yr old they turn out just fine. – C.L.

I put all three of my kinds, and all of my babysitting kids on carts like that. In twenty years, I’ve never had an issue. – D.S.

Just because it hasn’t happened to YOU or anyone you know, does not mean it won’t happen.

The unfortunate reality is that accidents involving car seats on shopping carts really do happen.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), shopping carts are the leading cause of head injuries in young children – surpassing injuries from high chairs, strollers, changing tables, baby gates and other equipment. The CPSC estimates that about 16,000 children under the age of five fall out of shopping carts each year and nearly 1,000 of those injuries involve falling infant carriers. Source:

Here are moms who shared their experience regarding placing the car seat on a shopping cart:

My child [now 16 year old] DID flip over in a car seat on top of a cart while in a car seat. The cart was unable to hold the weight of the car seat. She had a gash over her eye and ended up in the ER. She was 3 months old. Back then everyone put their baby on top of a cart. I am not a moron either. It amazes me all the ignorant comments from rude mothers who were lucky enough not to have this tragedy happen to their baby. Back then no one knew this hazard. We learn and sometimes it is the hard way. The danger and risk is very real. Just look at the shopping carts at Walmart. There are warnings on them. I am glad to see that warnings about this on the Internet to educate mothers on the danger of this. Car seats belong in cars. – A.M.

So for the first time ever after 5 children … we were walking in the store when we hit a bump and there went the car seat thankfully falling in the right position in the cart! But I noticed this cheap car seat doesn’t fit on the top like all the others had. Anywhoo she’s ok. But we’re more careful now. So my point is anything can happen for any reason. Like I said I have five kids… all were put on top of the cart. – K.M.

I’ve witnessed first hand when a carseat toppled off a shopping cart. Not my own child, but terrifying nonetheless. Its not worth the risk. Ive never put either of my kids on top of a cart like that because, as the carts themselves explicitly show, its not safe. – N.K.

The next foolish reason has something to do with a car seat’s locking mechanism. However … see next page …

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