9 Typical Mistakes of “Over Sharing” Moms. #1 Is Annoying …

You may be over sharing if …

2. You have too many “friends”.


Even if your profile is private, do you honestly know all the people in your network? If you’ve been accepting “friendships” from people you barely know, you dilute your child’s safety. Source: TheStir.CafeMom.com


What to do: Here are some options for you: (1) You can unfriend some people who are not really your friends or just casual acquaintances. (2) Minimize the information you share about your child. (3) Next time someone tries to friend you, assess whether you want that person to be part of your community of friends on Facebook. Just do not say “yes” to every friend request. Choose wisely.

Lastly, you definitely may be over sharenting if … see next page.


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