9 Distinct Traits Of A Super Awesome Mom. Do You Have All Of Them?


Super awesome moms have these distinct 9 traits.

1. They practice radical self-responsibility. Badass parents have an unusual ability to identify their needs and then find a way to meet them — without whining or playing the victim card.

2. They say no — and mean it. Badass parents know their boundaries. They are aware of their rules and aren’t afraid to tell their kids “no” when those rules are violated.

3. They follow the beat of their own drum. Badass parents preserve the values that they are teaching their children at the risk of pissing off other parents.

4. They get their hands dirty. Whether it’s playing one-on-one basketball or making a homemade pizza, they are actively engaged with their kids.

5. They are passionate about something other than their children. Badass parents have something in their lives, apart from their families, that gives them deep meaning.

6. They are honest. They don’t shy away from admitting their failures, because they know that this transparency helps their kids be honest, too.

7. They let their kids fail. There’s some compelling research out on grit which says the secret to success is actually failure — or learning from failure. Badass parents know this is true.

8. They brag on their kids. And really badass parents brag on their child within earshot of that child. They know that one of the most powerful forces in a person’s life is the approval of his or her parents.

9. They let their kids be themselves. They understand that this child is a unique person with a vast array of tastes, temperaments, preferences and motivations. They don’t need to manipulate or cajole their child in order to get results that make them feel better.


Now you know why super awesome moms are different. They stand out. They’re not afraid to take a path that’s less taken. A super awesome has no intentions of becoming popular among other moms. She’s totally focused on her own kids so that she can bring out the very best in each one of them.

So stop analyzing other moms. That’s just a waste of time. What you need to do is to look out for these traits. These traits were the findings of a research conducted by Dr. Shelly Prevost, a clinical psychologist and a contributor on huffingtonpost.com. You can read her whole article here to learn more about the traits of a super awesome mom.


Which of these traits are you starting to emulate now?


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