8 Important Reasons Why You Should Not Spank Your Child. #2 Will Make You Think Twice

Parents have felt some guilt that they may have gone overboard with their disciplinary action.

3. Spanking often leaves the parent feeling guilty. Most parents are aware that spanking is now a controversial parenting method. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics has come out against spanking. But even before this, many parents could sense that something was not right about hurting a child “for his own good,” and feel guilty afterwards. Source: ActiveParenting.com


Any parent who loves their child dearly is bound to also feel the hurt and guilt after spanking their child. As parents, we need to have confidence in our parenting methods.

If your approach to resolving an issue with your child brings about feelings of guilt, then you might like to look into better approaches of discipline or resolving issues that you will have more confidence in.

Frequent spanking has been found to cause this potentially troublesome long-term effect

It has been found that there is a direct correlation between mental illness and high incidences of childhood spanking.


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