8 Important Reasons Why You Should Not Spank Your Child. #2 Will Make You Think Twice

5. Spanking usually leads to more misbehavior. The problem with spanking is that it does work … for the immediate misbehavior. Kids will “stop it this instant!” However, they also resent the spanking and seek out conscious or unconscious ways to get even. Source: ActiveParenting.com


A study featured on Journal of Youth and Adolescence found that:

“… children who acted out more often got spankings that led to more acting out and, in turn, resulted in more spankings.”

In fact, researchers of the study discovered even stronger evidence that spanking children before the age 1 year may be a “catalyst that starts the cycle.”

Building a close and loving relationship with our child is something we strive for.

Did you know that hitting a child does not help build a stronger relationship between you and your child?


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