8 Helpful Tips To Breastfeed In Public Discreetly

There’s no excuse for you not to do this.

2. Turn Away To Latch. The time when the most skin is likely to be shown is when the baby is first latching on. So let’s say you are sitting in a restaurant booth, next to the wall, but still visible to other diners. Before you latch the baby on, try turning so you are completely facing the wall. Source: todaysparent.com


Remember, accidents can happen when you latch your baby. According to parents.com:

The nipple may slip out of baby’s mouth …

When that happens, you’re exposed. That’s going to make you and a lot of people around you feel very uncomfortable. You definitely want to avoid that. Turning away to latch is one good way to nurse discreetly in public. Here’s the best way you can breastfeed in public discreetly. All you have to do is to purchase this product. Turn to the next page to find out what this product is.

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