7 Fun Ways To Encourage Your Child To Learn At All Times

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Here are the 7 fun ways to encourage your kids to learn at all times.

1. Recognize the value of the public library. Libraries are hubs for information on a staggering amount of fascinating topics — all just waiting to be gathered and shared with your child. Helpful professionals are available to guide and encourage your child’s quest for knowledge.

2. Explore the world at every opportunity. You can teach children about history, geography, and the diversity of cultures, traditions, and customs. How your family travels can spark curiosity and conversations.

3. Embrace “Everyday Education”. While they may seem mundane, everyday activities can open the door to exciting new lessons. For example, baking a batch of cookies can illustrate the practical applications of math, science, and nutrition; attending a Little League baseball game can illustrate statistics, history, and teamwork.

4. Get a dose of culture. Museums, zoos, historical sites, and cultural events such as plays, operas, ballets, and concerts are great ways to teach and entertain kids

5. Have some faith. If your family belongs to a religious community, get your kids involved in classes, camps, retreats, fellowships, and youth groups.

6. Take every opportunity to answer “Why?”. Look for everyday opportunities to learn as a family — and remember to embrace the natural curiosity and wonder of your kids.

7. Get plugged in — but do it wisely. Encourage your children to search on the web for answers to their questions or watch credible how-to or news videos. Make sure to explain the importance of filtering information so it is accurate, current, and reputable. Also make sure to monitor your children’s activities to keep them smart and safe.


It really doesn’t take much to create fun and learning moments for your kids. Public libraries are free of charge. You can make use of all the books and other resources. Exposing your kids to books at a very early age can instill the habit of reading. What better way to learn but to read, right?

Learning just doesn’t start and end in the classroom. It goes way beyond the walls of the classroom. Every waking moment is an opportunity for your kid to learn. If you want to learn more about this, you can check out this article on parents.com.


Are there any other fun ways you can think of to encourage kids to learn outside the classroom?


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