7 Endearing Things Your Child Will Never Forget About You


Here are the 7 endearing things recorded in your kid’s memory.

7. How you acted under stress or pressure. If you’re the type to crack under pressure, they can tell, and if you want to raise kids who can handle stress like pros, you have to be aware of the way you handle yourself.

6. The way you and your partner behave around other adults (and each other). Keep things positive, loving, and nurturing, because they are always watching and learning from you even when you’re not fully paying attention to it.

5. The times you weren’t there. Though they may remember the times you weren’t there when they needed you — it’s just a part of life because you can’t always be there — they’ll also remember the time they finally stayed overnight at a sleepover without calling to come home in the middle of the night, or the first time they did something huge at school that they couldn’t wait to run home and tell you about.

4. How you handled tough situations. When hard times roll through — like dealing with loss or illness within the family — they’ll remember the way you spoke to them, how you made them feel safe and protected, and how you reacted.

3. Your positive words for them. There are so many other things you can say to positively affect your child … all of those phrases start affecting their self-worth and identity from an early age, so keeping things positive rather than critical will be something they’ll remember.

2. The time you put your device down for them. When you give your child undivided attention and put down your device, they can feel that they have all of you, and they can feel how loved they are in those moments.

1. The experiences you had with them. Experiences, rather than things, bring families together, so they’ll remember the time it was just you two at the ice cream shop, slurping on milkshakes and enjoying each other’s company more than the ice cream itself.


You really need to watch your every move because your kids are constantly watching and absorbing everything. Eventually your words, actions, and overall character will be deeply ingrained in their memory bank.

If you want to know more about the endearing moments kids never fail to forget, you can read this wonderful article by . You will definitely make a conscious effort to watch your words and actions once you get to the read the whole article.


Are you careful with your words and actions when your kids are around?


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