7 Crucial Factors To Consider Before Piercing Your Baby’s Ears


Here are the 7 crucial factors to consider before piercing your baby’s ears.

7. Choose a Good Piercing Place. Parents have to be very meticulous when choosing a good piercing place. It is best to start off by asking if your pediatrician or dermatologist can do it for you. If they refuse, then ask them for a recommendation or ask your friends and relatives about the top piercing places they know about. When you have finally found a suitable piercing place, check whether the technician there is experienced or not, makes use of sterile equipments and keeps his hands clean while performing the procedure. Source: newkidscenter.com

6. The Jewelry Itself. Real piercers use sterile implant-grade stainless steel or titanium jewelry that is tailored to each individual piercing — the right shape, size, and width (gauge) to help allow proper healing, prevent migration, and also almost eliminate allergic reactions. Source: thestir.cafemom.com

5. Get Vaccine Before Your Baby’s Ears Are Pierced. Vaccination before piercing is of paramount importance as it can prevent the chance of a tetanus infection. Even though the technician is most probably going to use a sterilized piercer for the procedure, it is still good to make sure that she has received her vaccination prior to piercing. Source: newkidscenter.com

4. The Best Time To Do It. There is really no “best” time as an infant, but in order to help keep your baby’s hands away from her ears you should probably do it while she is still very little. A three month old won’t understand the concept of playing with her ears like a one year old would. Likewise, a two or three year old is more likely to figure out how to take off those pesky adult proof backings leading to her losing one of her earrings. Yes, she will always just lose one, making you have a lot of single earrings laying around for your baby. Source: babiesonline.com

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